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Collage and Paintings Revisited

07 Jan 2015

Over the past 6 months I have experimented with many collage in my paintings.

Firstly I went up to my attic and gathered a large number of figurative paintings that I considered to be not quite resolved.  I discovered that in using collage exciting things happened to the work.  It introduced a new element which when applied spontaneously helped to resolve the painting.  I used old paintings and drawings and learnt that a life drawing that maybe doesn’t quite work, when torn up, reveals some great dynamic marks.  I also discovered that when tearing some collage off the painting the residue marks left could be incredibly beautiful.

Collage is a great way of recycling old paintings and drawings and giving them a new life.

Often we just throw away things without seeing the inherent beauty that is within.

This could include a scrap of paper or an old gnarled piece of wood with layers of paint on its surface.  Using collage, I find, is akin to playing.  You make a mess and you get your hands sticky and wet and you get totally immersed and absorbed in the process of discovery.  Collage has so much to offer in art.

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